The Georgia Concrete Pipe Association (GCPA) serves as the voice for the reinforced concrete pipe and precast box culvert industries in the State of Georgia. GCPA plays a vital role in promoting a modern, resilient, and sustainable stormwater infrastructure systems. Our goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of the proper design, installation, and inspection of products manufactured by its member companies.

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Why Reinforced Concrete Pipe & Precast Box Culvert Stormwater Drainage Systems


Each day, policy makers at every governmental level are faced with tough choices related to the wellbeing of their communities. Tighter budgets, dwindling tax revenues, and higher costs of goods and services are daily reality for many of our elected and appointed officials. Reinforced concrete pipe and precast box culverts play a vital role in building a modern, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure system for all Americans. The decision to use our 100-year life cycle product not only benefits citizens today, but also those who reside in our communities a century from now. A strong dependable transportation grid and stormwater management network are the backbone of our communities-not only now, but for generations to come.

Our products will not rust, burn, tear, buckle, deflect or float away, and are immune to most environmental elements.